Sunday, March 6, 2011

Episode 4: Underrated Gems

Episode 4 has the panel talking about underrated video games--games that enjoyed widespread critical acclaim, yet failed to garner the financial success that usually accompanies said acclaim. Why do you think games like these get swept under the rug? Our expanded panel discusses six such games that saw this fate; we talk about our potential reasons why these games fell by the wayside. Feel free to weigh in on the discussion on Downloadable Content's Facebook page. All music used belongs to their respective games, studios, and composers. Enjoy!

Episode 4: Underrated Gems


  1. Hey Brian,

    I really enjoyed this episode! I feel like everyone has a couple favorites of their own that were underrated or undersold. I can't tell you how many times I've discovered awesome games based on recommendations from friends when the game never got much media attention. Anyway, just wanted to give you some props for this, and to also let you know that after I heard this episode I queued up Okami on my GameFly!

    Keep up the great work, Brian!
    Patrick (from PopuGamer)

  2. Oh, beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed the episode; it was right after we recorded that episode that I went and bought Ikaruga (having played it before, I knew just how maddening the game is), and I'm thinking about picking up a few of the other games mentioned. Glad we could stir you to action and get Okami--it's a visually stunning game, and you'll enjoy it, I hope. Episode 5 (split into two parts) is now available, it's our PAX recap. Episode 6 will be up one week from Monday; and I don't know if you caught it on DLC's Facebook--I'm planning to record in a week or two another slew of episodes; Zelda and Dragon Quest turn 25 this year, and Resident Evil turns 15. I want to commemorate those milestones by having a few Downloadable Content episodes dedicated to them. Should you be interested in recording, or know people who might want to, then by all means, pass the word and let me know.

    Again, thanks very much for listening, and for the feedback! Hope you listen and enjoy future episodes!