Thursday, October 31, 2013

Episode S3E20: Free Play 4.0

Fresh off his debut episode last time, Reid joins Grendel and I as we delve into our final Free Play episode of 2013. In this open discussion, we give our thoughts on a variety of video game-related subjects: video games and their alleged relationships to shootings, how games can help to make better surgeons and also to improve child literacy. We also thrown in a couple of rants because, well, why not? Listen in and give us your two cents on what we have to say, should you be so inclined. Episode S3E20

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Episode S3E19: The Sport of Gaming

As the focus of multiplayer games shift from a group of gamers gathered in an arcade for a day, then to someone's home for a day of fun, to the world of the Internet, more and more are taking full advantage of the fun that can be had by playing with a group of players from anywhere on the globe. The popularity of these games have risen to the point where tournaments are held, often with large cash prizes, and watched live by hundreds of thousands of spectators. What's the allure? Should we expect video games to continue to grow as a spectator sport? Find out our thoughts on this episode. Episode S3E19

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Episode S3E18: Free Play 3.0

On our second Free Play episode of 2013, Ron and Ronny join Brian and discuss a wide range of game-related topics. Topics include: should Nintendo allow its first-party properties to be sold on other platforms, the rise of e-sports, Magic: The Gathering Online, why video game movies suck, and plenty more! All music belongs to their respective games, developers, studios, composers, etc. Episode S3E18