Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Episode 32: HADOUKEN!!!

Continuing our block of episodes celebrating video gaming's classic franchises, the rather large panel gets all fan-crazy as we discuss the first fighting series to make it big--Street Fighter. Since its debut 25 years ago, this series has won over many gamers, from its iconic characters, stages, and music. Listen in as we wax nostalgic over this long-running franchise. All music belongs to their respective composers/studios/developers/etc. Episode 32

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Episode 31B: Metal Gear Saga, Part 2

Part 2 of our 25th anniversary celebration of the Metal Gear franchise. Part 2 discusses Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and 4, with a little bit of some of the offshoots. All music used belong to their respective games/developers/studios/composers/etc. Episode 31B

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Episode 31A: Metal Gear Saga, Part 1

We begin our block of episodes celebrating classic video game franchises hitting milestone anniversaries this year with a 2-part episode reminiscing the Metal Gear series, hitting its 25th in 2012. Part 1 talks about the origins on the NES and leads into the first Metal Gear Solid game. All music used belongs to their respective games/studios/developers/composers/etc. Episode 31A

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Episode 30B: E3 2012, Part 2

The second half of our E3 2012 discussion. We primarily discuss Nintendo and the WiiU in this half, plus we have a hilarious random musing by Joshie. Episode 30B

Episode 30A: E3 2012, Part 1

Now that E3 2012 has come and gone, what do we make of the glut of gaming news? What new info did the big 3 provide us? Anything new regarding Nintendo's upcoming WiiU? We break it down and give our opinions in this 2-part episode discussing this year's event. All music used belongs to their respective composers/developers/studios/etc. Episode 30A