Sunday, December 11, 2011

Episode 24B: Level Cleared, Part 2

In the second half of our season finale, we discuss our personal thoughts for best game of 2011. Also included is some discussion about next year's releases, and a few things to look forward to in the second season of Downloadable Content! All music used still belongs to their respective games/studios/developers/composers/etc. Episode 24B

Episode 24A: Level Cleared, Part 1

In our 2-part season finale, we discuss our own personal best and worst video games of 2011! Discussed in this first half we talk about our picks for worst game of the year. Music used is from the OverClocked Remix album celebrating 25 years of The Legend of Zelda, called 25YEARLEGEND. All music belongs to their respective games/studios/composers/developers/etc. Episode 24A