Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Episode S4E4: Steam-Powered Machines

Joshie joins DLC for the first time this season, and brings with him his two cents on the currently-being-developed Steam Machines. With Valve wanting to get in on the console and PC market, we talk about the devices themselves and speculate on how successful we think Valve might be. All music used belongs to their respective games/developers/studios/composers. Ep S4E4

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Episode S4E3: Flight of the Developers

In light of the recent announcement of Irrational Games shutting down, the reaction has ranged from wishing Ken Levine well to Rage Quitting everything. Yet, he's certainly not the first big-name developer who's left behind their AAA franchises to pursue making other games (usually indie). What effects on the video game industry does this have when such talent leave behind their blockbuster franchises to pursue other creative interests? That's what we aim to discuss here. All music belongs to their respective games/developers/studios/composers/etc. Ep S4E3