Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Episode S4E13: Welcome To Silent Hill

Fifteen years ago, Konami gave us their answer to Capcom's Resident Evil franchise. Rather than zombies, bio-organic weapons, and viruses, Silent Hill gave us psychological chills. Supernatural elements, satanic cults, drugs, inner demons, and Pyramid Head gave us good old-fashioned nightmare fuel. We celebrate and reminisce this classic survival horror franchise on this episode. All music belongs to their respective games/studios/developers/composers/etc. Ep S4E13

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Episode S4E12: Free Play 5.0

Ron and Ryan join Brian on the first of the Free Play episodes for Season 4. Even though summertime is usually the quiet period of the video gaming year, there's still plenty to talk about. What news and opinions from the gaming world have we thoughts on? Listen and find out. All music belongs to their respective games/developers/studios/composers/etc. Ep S4E12