Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Episode S3E14: The Fanatic's Influence

We take a look at fans of video games and their influence on video games. How much influence should they have in a game's creation? Is it wise for developers to hear critique and feedback and use it? Should they even have a voice at all? We take a look at these and give you our thoughts. All music used belongs to their respective games, composers, developers, studios, etc. Episode S3E14

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Episode S3E13: The Indies

Only in the last few years have we really seen indie games take off. Unencumbered by the bigger name-brand developers and publishers, independent developers are not afraid to get experimental, and thus have been giving the industry fresh ideas. Their relatively cheap costs to play have given them wide-ranging appeal, and as a result, are the fastest growing sector of the game industry. We give you our thoughts on this, and also give our recommendations of some of the great indie games out there. All music used belongs to their respective games, developers, composers, studios, etc. Episode S3E13