Monday, January 24, 2011

Episode 1: Generational Reset

It's a podcast made by everyday gamers of varying skills, meant for everyday gamers; from hardcore to casual, from longtime gamer to newbie. We don't provide reviews of video games, nor do we intend to bias against any type of gamer. In DLC, we talk about issues pertinent to the gaming industry--topical issues that affect the gaming population at large. We aim to have fun on this show, and we offer you, the listener, a chance to provide feedback. We even offer you, if you're so interested, a chance to come on and record with us and sound off on an issue that's important to you. This podcast is meant to be an open forum, where discussion and debate are encouraged.

Episode Description: In this inaugural episode, I and three others talk about the resurgence of 2-D gaming and whether we think it's good for the industry. In the second half, we look at and make our predictions for this year's Nintendo Power awards. Feedback is encouraged! Download here: Episode 1

Time: 78:45
Guests: Peter, Erica, Ron

Production notes: In the second half, we discuss and make predictions for the upcoming Nintendo Power awards. I never thought to prepare the panel by giving them the ballot beforehand. As a result, you can hear me typing away in NeoOffice Spreadsheet when the panel makes their picks. Still, there was some good discussion all around, and while this opening episode is about 20 minutes longer than I'd like (I'm hoping, once this becomes a regular thing, to have 60-minute episodes), I don't think it's a bad start. Enjoy!

Music Credits:
Intro & Outro: Time's Scar (Chrono Cross)
Intermission: Defiers of Fate (Final Fantasy 13)
1st half end: Game Over (Metal Gear Solid)
2nd half incidental music from "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"

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